Best Balance Bikes For Kids – Teaching Them Young

When Should A Kid Start Riding A Bike?

Like I have mentioned before, riding a bike is a rite of passage for a kid. It’s an important milestone for them. It’s also a great way for you to keep your kid active. Nowadays, we are stuck to our screens indoor, but nothing is more fun than a nice ride in the sunshine on a bike. But you can’t just put a kid on a bike at a super young age and expect them to be able to ride long distances. You have to gradually work up to it. A child isn’t going to climb on a mountain bike and suddenly be able to off-road like a champ.

What Is A Balance Bike For Kids?

Balance bikes are a great way to teach a kid to ride a bike at a young age. For so long, training wheels have been the way to teach kids to ride a bike, but they seem a little outdated now. Balance bikes are a better solution to this. Clearly they do better at helping a kid ride a bike than training wheels.

You can put a kid on a balance bike at an earlier age than you can do training wheels with them. I recently got to see my 4 year old niece on the balance bike she got from her brothers after they didn’t need it anymore. It was the most adorable thing seeing her zoom around on that bike. She had so much confidence in what she was doing. She had way more control over the bike because her feet kept her balance way better than if she were using training wheels.

But you can put 3 and 2 year olds on balance bikes too!! I bet there isn’t anything cuter than watching that. With the use of a balance bike, they can easily learn to ride a pedal bike at a much younger age than most kids who have not used one.

Balance bike riding kids can easily transition to riding a pedal bike without the need to use training wheels!! How much confidence would it give a child to be able to transition with no issue to a pedal bike!!

What Makes Balances Bikes The Best Choice?

  • The child can go further.

Balance bikes are a better choice because they are smaller and lighter than a regular bike. They can typical weight half the amount of a regular bikes, making it much easier for kids to maneuver than a bike that weighs significantly more. Riding a 15 pound bike is much more difficult than riding a 6 lbs bike. This mean a child can ride much further and longer because they aren’t tiring so easily. They can easily go many more miles than they could on training wheels.

  • Balance bikes move more easily over rough terrain

Have you ever watched a child ride on training wheels? They look so scared and wobbly and typically stop riding too soon because that. So it can really slow down the process of riding. It also means that they don’t usually like to roam very far or get on any uneven or rocky roads.

With a balance bike, a child can have the confidence to ride over terrains that are not as smooth. Going in the grass, gravel, rocks, or dirt won’t be a scary experience for them because they have more control over the bike.

  • Balance bikes are a better fit to the child.

Many times when buying things for a child, we “buy bigger.” Why? Because we know that the child will outgrow many things in his lifetime and we don’t want to waste money on things that he won’t be able to use later.

Sometimes doing that with a bike isn’t the best thing for the child. A bike needs to fit the child so he can have the best control over it. If you get a bigger bike, the child will be too far off the ground to do well at riding.

Balance bikes can sit lower so that the child can reach the ground. Toddlers typically can’t ride a pedal bike comfortably until they are at least 3 years old, but can start to explore a balance bike at 18 months old.

What Are The Benefits of Balance Bikes

They’re so easy for kids to use – If a child is learning to ride a pedal bike, they have so many things they have to figure out how to do. With a balance bike, all they have to concentrate on is balancing.

They can start learning at a younger age – On a balance bikes, kids as young as 18 months can start on a bike.

Give them independence – It gives the child an experience of independence at a younger age.

They’re so fun – With ease, the balance bike can go to more place because your child will have more confidence on rougher terrains.

They’re a safer way to start riding – The seat of a balance bike is a lot closer to the ground than on a regular bike. If your little one does fall they won’t have far to go. Plus, a balance bike can only go as fast as your child can push, which means you won’t have to worry about any high-speed crashes.

Exercising becomes more fun – Everyone looks for ways to keep their kids active. With a balance bike, they have a fun way to exercise.

Builds core strength and coordination – A balance bikes help with balance, coordination, and core strength, which could help them in other active parts of their lives.

So, you can clearly see that balance bikes can be so beneficial to a child from a very young age. Let your child gain independence early. They will love the freedom and control. You will love to see their confidence grow as they learn to ride. They will most likely totally bypass training wheel when they finally start on a pedal bike.

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